History of Ice Cider

The first Ice Cider was created in 1989 in Quebec by Christian Barthomeuf, a winemaker inspired by the ice ciders of Germany. The very first bottle appeared in Quebec liquor stores in 1999 and today there are over 60 producers around the world. One of the great successes of Canadian agriculture, it is recognized internationally and is quickly becoming a staple of Canadian cuisine.

Ice Perry is a variation of Ice Cider that uses Pears.

Production Techniques

There are two basic methods of ice cider production: Cryoconcentration (cold-freeze concentration) and Cryoextraction (cold-press extraction).

Cryoconcentration entails harvesting the fruit in the fall and preserving them until the winter, where they are pressed and the juice is frozen. As the concentrate freezes, the water and the sugar separate and the must is harvested by gravity during the thaw in a process similar to the creation of Ice Wine or Maple Syrup. The freezing process may be repeated to increase the sugar content before being fermented for 6-8 months. 95% of ice cider producers use this method, as it gives the producer greater control and involvement. Ice Perry is created using this method due to the warmer climate required for their growth.

Cryoextraction, on the other hand, involves leaving apples on the branch for three consecutive nights below -10˚C, where they are frozen and dried out by the cold, sun, and wind. The apples are then pressed while frozen before being fermented for 6-8 months.

10 Apples are required to produce 200mL of ice cider, making its creation a true labour of love.

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Avalanche Ice Cider is made by aging pressed apples that are frozen naturally for 2 years in stainless steel tanks, resulting in a cider that is rich, complex, and full of great aromatic intensity. Enjoy this sweet and fresh cider, which has a creamy texture that extends into a long finish. Best enjoyed with appetizers, cheeses, or dessert.

All Saragnat products are certified organic by Quebec Vrai

All Saragnat products are certified organic by Quebec Vrai